Review – Internet Drug Store with Unoriginal Customer Reviews was an online store that offered generic medicines to their customers at the best price possible. According to their website, they have been in the business for three years. The medicines offered at this online pharmacy were from India. This store was no longer operating.

Although the medicines dispensed by online-pharmacy-24h were from India, they did not confirm if they were located in India. What they were claiming was that their medicines were directly shipped from Indian pharmaceutical companies and these medicines were Indian FDA approved.

This internet shop had a lot to offer during their run. They had a long list of medicines that they offer to their customers from allergy medicines to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s medicines. They also offered Anthelmintic drug, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory medicines. Customers of this internet drug store were also able to get antibiotics and antidepressant as well as antiviral medicines, asthma drugs, erectile dysfunction medicine, cancer medicine and drugs for HIV treatment. They also offered beauty products and skin care products along with weight loss products.

For ED medicines, they offered generic and branded ones. They offer unpopular ED drugs such as Adcirca for $2.08 per generic tablet and Apcalis Oral Jelly for $3.57 per generic jelly. For branded ED medicines, they offered Cialis for $10.40 per tablet and $11.44 for branded Levitra. For branded Viagra, it was sold for $9.36 per tablet. A generic Cialis costs $2.68 and a generic Kamagra costs $1.43 ($3.12 for generic Kamagra oral Jelly). A generic Levitra costs $1.82. Their cheapest generic ED medicine was generic Viagra for $0.84 per tablet. They also offered other ED medicines such as Tadalis, Tadacip, Vigora, Intagra, Hard On, Eriacta, and Caverta. As mentioned, all of these medicines were Indian FDA approved. accepted three modes of payments during their time. Customers were able to complete their orders by paying with their credit card, E-Check, and thru bank wire transfer. Customers were assured of a money-back guarantee in any case that they were not satisfied with the medicine they received.

All medicines were shipped from India because these were manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies. Customers can choose between the two shipping methods that this online pharmacy offered – Trackable Courier Service and International Unregistered Mail.

For Trackable Courier Service, delivery takes 7 to 9 working days and it was trackable. This method of shipping costs $50. For International Unregistered Mail, it costs $10 and it takes up to three weeks for the order to get delivered. Customers in Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium can only opt for this shipping method. All orders were placed on a white envelope without a label regarding its content. This is part of the store’s promise of full confidentiality. Customers with concerns can always contact their support team through their ‘contact us’ page.

Aside from their ‘contact us’ page, can also be reached at 1-866-503-4818 and 44-870-490-0618. They also had a live chat support team that was ready to assist their customers. Reviews

Although I trust customer reviews, I always make it a point that I am reading reliable customer reviews. Not all customer reviews are real and credible. So far, the customer reviews I found for this online pharmacy seems to be the exact opposite of what I am looking for in a customer review!

image1 13

The first customer review I found on this site was written by 39-year old Rachel. She said that Online-pharmacy-24h won her because of their high-quality yet low-priced medicines. Lucy Jacobs was another happy customer of this online pharmacy. Lucy was 29 when she wrote her testimonial, thanking the website for offering the best bargain ever!

As for Jane Saunders, 34, she said she was happy she found this online pharmacy and got effective pills without worrying about its side effects. 28-year old Carmel also wrote a customer review to thank for their service.

Rachel, Lucy, Jane, and Carmel were all happy customers of Online-pharmacy-24h. Their reviews were short and meaningful – this internet shop was very helpful and it provided great medicines. Upon checking these websites though, they seem to be available as reviews for another online pharmacy as well. It is possible that Online-pharmacy-24h was a clone website of the other online pharmacy where these customer testimonials appeared. With these kinds of ploy from this online pharmacy, I don’t think they deserve to have a customer. I am just glad that they were now closed. Reviews 2017 had a lot of customer reviews but the reviews were not believable because those reviews appeared on other websites. With that being said, I decided to check the reputation of this website with and

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The result of the reputation analysis I run with revealed that Online-pharmacy-24h was not a site to be trusted. further added that this website used different servers such as a Swiss server and a United States server. It looks like this internet shop had worked hard to hide their location.  

image4 8

In addition to their negative review from, added that had 0% safety rating during its run. With this rating, all online users were advised to stay away from it. Coupon Codes

Although it got some negative reviews from and, this online pharmacy had worked hard to win customers by presenting a few promotion.

image3 11

During their run, they offered their customers with 4 bonus Viagra pills or 2 bonus Cialis pills every time they make an order. Well, even a few pills as a bonus can go a long way if the pills are effective!

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered generic and branded medicines at the lowest price possible. The medicines they offered were from India and were all Indian FDA approved. All ED medicines offered by this internet shop are affordable and costs $90 to $3 per pill.

What I liked about this site was the long list of medicines they offer. They also had three different payment options and two shipping options hence customers can choose the best option that suits their need and budget.

What I find distrustful about this online pharmacy are their customer reviews (copied and pasted) that already appeared on different pharmacy websites (perhaps a clone website). This is a clear step on the part of the site owner to scam people and lure them towards buying their products. I am highly against such practice.

My disappointment with this website was intensified by the result of and reputation analysis result stating that was not a website to be trusted and was unsafe to use. With these feedbacks, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out 5 stars.