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Share Your Ideas with Mark Dayton!

Governor Mark Dayton always appreciates hearing from the public to give him input for their priorities for our state.  Governor Dayton says:
“We welcome your suggestions, your ideas, and your talent as we chart the future of our great State together. . .”

- Let Mark Dayton know that you would like to see a new Commissioner at the MPCA who will work to eliminate burning waste in our state;

- Tell him that you want to see the HERC expansion proposal stopped;

- Share your ideas about Zero Waste and the importance of government support for reducing, recycling, & reusing.

To share your ideas with Governor Mark Dayton, click here.

Here’s a Win/Win Solution to Incineration:

“Environmental justice advocates from across the U.S., the Teamsters Union, and neighborhood residents marched together this morning to the world’s largest waste incinerator [in Detroit, MI] to demand its closure.”  For complete story, click here.

“Asked why Teamsters would be supporting an action like this, one of them replied, ‘We breathe the air too.’ And, moreover, said organizer Alex Young, recycling operations in places like Oakland, Calif., are providing union members good-paying, green jobs.”  For complete story, click here.

Incinerators do not make waste disappear. For every five truckloads of waste burned, four truckloads are pumped into the atmosphere and one remains as toxic ash, which still must be carefully stored or landfilled.

For scientific details, see:  http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/solidwaste/planning/Thenextsteps/…

Anti-Biomass Incineration and Forest Protection Campaign — Letter to President Obama, Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi of July 29, 2010:

“We write to express our deep concern about the inclusion of dirty biomass and garbage burning incinerators in the Renewable Electricity Standards (RES) of proposed energy legislation.”  . . .

For the full text, click here.