Review – US-Based Pharmacy Had Suspicious Ties to Bulgaria is an Internet pharmacy website that is dedicated to helping customers make their own educated medical decisions. By utilizing the power of e-commerce, this store aims to provide innovative prescription medications to privacy-minded persons at inexpensive prices. At the same time, it promotes increased patient participation.

This store aids independent discovery of treatment options available for those who are discontent with traditional patient care. I learned all of this in this vendor’s ” About Us” section. I also found out about this pharmacy’s use of online consultations supervised by licensed physicians to obtain medical history which is then reviewed before orders are processed. This vendor makes it clear that this doesn’t replace regular physical check up.

General Health, Skin Care, Diabetes, Sleeping Aids, Anti-Anxiety, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Women’s Health, Cholesterol, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Gastro Health, Pain Relief, and Men’s Health were the categories I found on a modest categories list.

I saw generic Viagra, Brand Levitra, and Brand Cialis in the “Men’s Health” category. 180 pills of 100mg Viagra cost $269, 30 pills of 20mg Levitra cost $260, and 40 pills of 20mg Cialis cost $345. When I clicked on an order link, I was taken to the pharmacy’s health form where I was presented with an online questionnaire. On completion, I was directed to Paysystems Secure Pages where the payment methods included Credit card, Western Union, and eChecks.

USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, and Aramex are the shipping methods available. Returned prescription medications aren’t accepted in compliance with Federal Law. Next, I tried the toll-free line. I got no response. Reviews

I saw some remarks made by previous clients at the bottom of the home screen. Lori, from the USA, recalled her awesome shopping experience on “Fast shipping and great customer service! Will purchase again!”. Jay purchased Xanax and after applying the drug he wrote that “the product is a very good generic version”- one that took adequate care of his ailments. Jennifer, from Virginia, purchased a Phentermine and Provigil. She shared that she has been ordering from this store for three years now. She described the staff, customer service, and service delivery as “impeccable“. Regarding the quality of the drugs, she asserted that they are exactly like what one could get from a local pharmacy. She gave the pharmacy “Grade A” for their professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

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I also found an unassociated review on I have captured it in the screenshot above. This review contrasts starkly with the hyperbolic praise of the on-site reviews. A customer named Mike wrote this review 5 months ago and was withering in his criticism of He wrote: “Total crooks, lied to me all the time”.

This kind of contrast highlights the importance of obtaining both on-site reviews and independent reviews for any online pharmacy. The availability of just one independent review doesn’t seem like enough reason to discredit the reviews published on the vendor’s website. But it does indicate that not everyone is satisfied with the service. Reviews 2017

That independent review is recent enough. That means that making a purchase decision would be quite difficult. In situations like this, there are other resources that could help customers come to a definite conclusion. and are two of an increasing number of dependable analytical tools to do just that.

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On, the 3% rating is immediately noticeable. The report says was founded four years ago and is located in the United States. Curiously, this website doesn’t own an SSL certificate which is essential for secure online transactions. On top of that, there are no trust records for this website even though Google hasn’t reported it as unsafe.

image3 10 called this website suspicious and gave it a 45% safety score. It has some connection with Bulgaria and the United States but this resource chose to highlight the reputation of Bulgaria as a High-Risk country. The origin of the website could not be traced because of the interference of a shield service. The domain age is given as four years. The store has been listed as a Rogue pharmacy and a Malware report has been associated with the website. Coupon Codes

Free bonus pills are offered on for bulk orders. When I added 360 pills of generic Viagra to my cart, I discovered that I didn’t qualify for bonus pills. It seems like this bonus isn’t tied to initial purchases.

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This website doesn’t have the bonus offer of free shipping, but it has become somewhat of a staple on other pharmacy websites. It is offered to high-spending customers as an incentive for them to return for their subsequent prescription medication needs. Another perspective to growing a customer base is by offering price cuts or price discounts. One way that a number of online pharmacies have chosen to do this is to attach a table that indicates the values of the discounts that customers qualify for. Different discounts are applicable for returning customers till they reach an order beyond which discounts are no longer incremented. It could also be a simple discount offer of a specified value for a customer’s second order onward. User-friendly discount coupon codes are a nice touch as well. apparently aren’t into discounts as of yet.

Conclusion is dedicated to helping customers make educated medical decisions by providing the means to get access to the most innovative prescription medications available, increasing patient participation in the process, increasing privacy, and providing patients with online consultations. The online consultations are done using online medical questionnaires to get fairly accurate medical histories under the supervision of fully licensed physicians. The medical histories so obtained are reviewed before orders are processed. I learned that this in no way, shape, or form replaces the need for a regular check up. I found a modest categories list that included categories like Pain Relief, Skin Care, Gastro Health, Sleeping Aids, Women’s Health, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Anti-Anxiety, Cholesterol, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Diabetes, Men’s Health, and General Health. Generic Viagra, Brand Levitra, and Brand Cialis are in stock in the “Men’s Health” shop. Credit cards, Western Union, and eChecks are the payment options that were displayed when I finished an online questionnaire for my Viagra request. I got no response when I dialed the toll-free line provided. There are reviews for on its own website which were positive as expected. The only independent review I found is negative. Scamner revealed that the website has no SSL certificate and gave it a 3% grade. Scamadviser agreed that the United States is the website location but because it has ties to Bulgaria, called it suspicious and gave a 45% score. I give a 1-star rating.