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[This action alert is from GAIA: http://www.no-burn.org/.  We encourage readers to sign on to it.  This alert refers to one of many problems contained in the much-discussed 'Clean Power Plan' the Obama administration has rolled out as a response to global climate change.]


Clean air, community health and real climate solutions are at risk. The EPA just came out ( on Nov 19) with a pollution assessment framework for burning biomass and waste that threatens to undermine our hard-won victories and increase pollution burdens for both communities and climate.

This EPA directive threatens to undermine recycling, composting and genuine clean energy by incentivizing the burning of biomass and waste as alternatives to fossil fuels, allowing these dirty energy industries to avoid climate regulations, and receive subsidies meant for wind, water and solar power. This directive also threatens to:

o  Undermine the creation of millions of jobs in climate resiliency solutions such as zero waste, food sovereignty and community forestry.
o  Undermine the earth’s natural carbon storage capacity (that requires us to build, not burn biomass), while increasing atmospheric carbon loads
o  Increase pollution in frontline communities already overburdened by industrial toxics

Please join us in calling on the EPA to stand with people and not polluters, by disallowing such incentives for biomass and waste burning industries.

What you can do: please sign your group on to the letter at this link by 10 am pacific time on Monday, December 1st, OR include language from this letter (pasted below) in your organization’s own comments on the EPA Clean Power Plan.

In the coming months, it is critical that we continue to collaborate to ensure this biomass pollution framework, and other elements of the Clean Power Plan serve the long-term interests of communities, natural ecosystems and climate change mitigation. Please let us know how we can work together.

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