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30-min. TV Interview w/ Frank Hornstein Re: HERC

Find below a 30 minute program of State Representative Frank Hornstein being interviewed by Lara Norkus-Crampton, RN regarding the capacity increase proposed for the Downtown Garbage Burner (the HERC) by Covanta and Hennepin County.

             Click on:  HERC YouTube

             Representative Hornstein has been a staunch opponent of garbage incineration for many years and has played an important role in fighting the proposed increase in burning capacity for the HERC from 1000 tons to 1200 tons of mixed garbage per day.

             Lara Norkus-Crampton served on the Planning Commission when the permit for the proposed expansion was denied in 2009.  Covanta appealed this decision to the City Council but has not provided the needed data to challenge the decision of the Planning Commission.  The Appeal is currently being reviewed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to determine if a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should be required.

In 2002, the MPCA stated the HERC was the largest source of dioxins in the state.  To date there have been no comprehensive, independent, third party environmental studies since the original EIS done in 1986–conducted before the burner was even in operation.

A full assessment of the environmental and public health impacts of 20+ years of burning 1000 tons of garbage per day at this facility should be required by the MPCA before an additional 200 tons per day is considered.  The Minneapolis City Council is charged with making the final determination on this Appeal.

Many Questions Remain Unanswered 

      Why are we burning recyclables?  Why are we burning garbage from outside of Minneapolis?  What is coming out of those stacks anyway?  Why have we been living with a garbage burner belching emissions in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis for the past 25 years?  What is the effect on the public health of our citizens–especially our children?  Is there a better way to manage our solid waste?  These are some of the questions explored in the interview.

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