Review – Negatively Commented Store with High Trust Rates used to be an internet pharmacy which distributed branded and generic medications in the counteraction of ailments which affect the general well- being such as allergies, mental disorders, high- blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases among others. Its best sellers comprised of impotence recipes in the like of, generic Viagra which was priced at $ 1.33 per tablet, Cialis at the cost of $ 1.61 per pill with the inclusion of Clomid, Levitra among others. The remains of its website which was safely recorded in the web archives were incapable of enlightening on the safety of these drugs regarding the compliance of the world health organization and the Food and Drugs Administration. It was also impossible to tell whether the store demanded a prescription from its users as it is the case for a majority of the sites. It might have been among the few who issued one to its consumers through the online consultation where the medical records of individuals are analyzed by a third- party physician who approves or declines their purchases.

Inquiries are typically made via an official email, phone calls or the contact forms provided on various websites for the largest proportion of online vendors. Those on the less dense part of the pie chart invest in the most efficient means of contacting their users to the customer support team which is the live support mechanism otherwise known as the live chat. The e-store in question had no possible means of finding out its media of which I’m highly confident that it might have utilized the ones mentioned above. Most clients tend to be hesitant in paying for their purchases with the use of credit cards such as the Visa and the Mastercard which had been verified by the shop in addition to the wire transfer and the e-gold. Necessity was said to be the mother of invention, and that was the logic behind the innovation of an encryption system that was positively received by traders to persuade buyers to use their credit cards in e-commerce. Shipping is viewed as the least yet the most crucial aspect of the digital transactions, and it is ordinarily done by the international airmail, express mail service, FedEx just to mention but a few of the widely used couriers. Their delivery span takes a minimum of hours while the maximum takes up to a month. They also vary in their charges according to the weight of the packages and the distance to be covered at the point of dispatch and the destination. Just like it was hard to report on its years of experience and its physical location, so it was on making declarations on the stores choice of transportation. Refund policies assist in compensating customers who receive defective parcels as well as those whose goods fail to be delivered. This assistance comes as a full cash refund or a free reshipment although the issue remains to be a mystery as far as is concerned. Reviews

User comments are not only helpful in understanding the vendor’s traits in the case of duplicated testimonials, but also significant in shaping the perceptions and expectations of potential buyers. It is the realization of the pivotal role of such authentic remarks that I have managed to have a long list of smooth internet shopping especially when purchasing medications. As usual, I counted myself lucky to have seen some reviews on the web store.

The first remark came from an anonymous client on 22nd December 2012, who raised a complaint on undelivered goods which he had ordered from the site.  The comment also went ahead to mention that the reviewer’s efforts to contact the store went unrewarded making him conclude that it was ‘dodgy’ and deserved to be avoided by all means.

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Months earlier on 20th June 2012 someone else whose name had not been stated had cautioned fellow consumers to not to use the store. Reasons being, it did not deliver the parcels the testifier had bought neither did it keep its word on staying in touch with this particular user. The evidence to support this statement was unattended emails and a non-functional phone number. Reviews 2017

The scam consultants are trustworthy and well informed, and so I decided to use them in finding out more about the e-store.

image1 11 was said to have had a high trust rates by the scam adviser despite it being negatively reviewed. The scam checker reported that the web store on top of my agenda had unknown popularity and an offline status as it went ahead to accord it a safe rate of (85 out of 100) %. Coupon Codes has no coupon codes. It is unusual to see an internet pharmacy without a way of rewarding its users an activity that a majority of the shops diligently undertakes. Buyers are the greatest benefactors whenever free shipping and blister packs are issued by the vendors as they save some money from the medical expenses. Loyalty points, as well as other discounts, be it seasonal or those provided by the merit of the purchases one makes. These measures that are embraced in awarding esteemed clients tend to be appreciated and reciprocated by consumers through the trends experienced in their transactions.

Conclusion had been negatively commented upon by its users and accused of incompetence as a result of undelivered goods and unattended inquiries. What was most shocking was the fact that the reported it to have had a high trust rates of (85 out of 100) % regardless of its unknown popularity and offline status. As a scholar in the user comments school of thought, I am confident to say that the customer is always right; therefore, I cannot afford to grant the store more than 1-star out of 5.