Review – Virtual Pharmacy with Clone Websites that Aim to Scam People operated as an online pharmacy for more than three years before it shut down. They offered low-priced medicines from India. These medicines were Indian FDA approved and of high quality according to this internet shop. Their motto was that they work for their customers and they aim to provide the best medicine to their customers worldwide.

It was not clear where this e-shop was based. They did not disclose the location of their office. Their close date was not revealed as well.

There were at least 50 medical categories on home page. These were medical illnesses and its corresponding medicines that were on sale on this website. Among the drugs they had were medicines for alcoholism, allergies, depression, parasitism, anxiety, asthma, and arthritis. They also offered birth control drugs, weight loss drugs, hair loss drugs, and herbal medicines. Hormone drugs were also available on this e-shop as well as drugs to treat mental disorders. They also offered penis enlargement medicines and erectile dysfunction drugs.

For their ED medicines, they offered Apcalis for $1.24 per tablet and Apcalis Oral Jelly for $4.62 apiece. They also offered branded Levitra for $2.72 per tablet and branded Viagra for $2.38 per tablet. A generic Caverta was sold for $2.92 and generic Cialis for $0.86 per pill. Their most expensive Cialis medicine was the Super Active Cialis for $2.33 per tablet. Least popular ED drug, Eriactalis, was sold for $1.73 per tablet. They also offered Forzest, Kamagra ($0.70 per pill), Levitra, Revatio, Silagra, Tadalis, and generic Viagra. Their generic Viagra remained to be their cheapest ED drug on the list for $0.35 per tablet. As compared to other online pharmacies, this was indeed the cheapest generic Viagra that you can find online – if only this internet shop is still active!

These Indian FDA approved medicines were successfully purchased by customers after paying with their credit card, E-Check through bank wire transfers. This e-shop offered money-back guarantee hence customers should not worry about losing their money when buying from this store. They also offered a refund and re-shipping of missing orders if deemed necessary (if it was not a customer’s fault). offered two types of shipping methods. They offered Trackable Courier Service and International Unregistered Mail. For the Trackable Courier Service, the rate is $50 and it takes up to 9 working days for the order to get delivered. As the name implies, the package was trackable with this method. For International Unregistered Mail, the rate is $10 and it takes up to 21 working days for the order to get delivered. This is the only shipping method that customers can have if they are in Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium.

Customers with queries and concerns about the products or orders they had with Mypillmarket can reach them through their ‘contact us’ page. They also had phone support that customers can dial 1 (855) 827-83-87 for customers residing in the US and 44 (808) 189-02-16 for customers residing in the UK. Reviews was an online pharmacy that operated for more than three years. With such experience in the business, I started wondering if they had a lot of happy customers hence I started searching for customer reviews.

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The first customer review I found for Mypillmarket was from 62-year old Charlotte. Charlotte said that she was happy with the result she was seeing in her daughter after taking the meds she ordered from this online pharmacy.

Another review was written by Kathy. She was 23 years old. According to Kathy, someone should set-up a fan club for this internet shop on Facebook. Well, she was really happy with the service she received.

The third customer testimonial I found was from Tiffany who said that this internet drug store had the widest range of medicines to offer. Tiffany was 35 years old at the time she wrote her review and she seemed surprised with the list of medicines she found.

The last customer feedback I read was from 45-year old Fabio who said that he was happy to finally get his regular medicine without spending a fortune. The price of the medicines offered by this online pharmacy was really one of the cheapest.

The customer reviews I found for this online pharmacy was great and were just talking about the positive things they had with When I searched for more reviews, I found that these reviews were also available on other websites (perhaps clone web sites of I understand that some websites are making clone websites and are using the same reviews to lure customers into believing that they are genuine websites. Please be aware of these kinds of web sites. Reviews 2017

With unreal customer reviews, I went ahead and check the status of Mypillmarket from was a website that determines the legitimacy of an .

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Apparently, was a ‘rogue pharmacy’ and it means that it didn’t qualify to be an online pharmacy. It also means that this internet shop comes with risk.

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In addition to its negative status from, also revealed that Mypillmarket had 0% safety rating. Online buyers were warned to be aware of this scam and stay away from this website. Coupon Codes

When Mypillmarket was still operating, it had offered a few promotions. One of the promotions they had were as follows.

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They offered free air shipping! The qualifiers for customers in order to avail this promotion was no longer available though as it was not captured by web archive.

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Aside from having free air shipping, this online pharmacy also offered free ED pills to their customers. All customer orders come with free Viagra of Cialis pills. Customers can choose which ED drug to have during check-out.

Conclusion was an internet drug store that operated for more than three years before it suddenly closed down. This e-shop offered ED medicines among others. They had a long list of medicines to offer and all of these medicines were from India. These medicines were Indian FDA approved as well.

What I find annoying about this website are their fake customer reviews. Those reviews were found in different websites, websites that had the same information like Mypillmarket It means that those websites were duplicate websites of Websites with clone are definitely a scam and unreliable web sites. This was proven by the result of my analysis using and For these reasons, I am giving this website a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.