Review – Pioneer of Online Pharmacy Business that Is No Longer Existing was an online store that operated in 2005 based on their domain’s copyright information. This internet pharmacy focused on providing medicine for patients with diabetes in the form of Metformin drug. There was no data regarding the close date of this website as well as its location.

Metformin-hcl didn’t just offer high-quality Metformin HCL drug, they also offered other medicines such as drugs that aid in weight loss, drugs for erectile dysfunction, pain relief medicines, drugs to aid people in quitting smoking, antidepressant medicine, and cholesterol medicines. Metformin drug was their best seller and was sold for $72 per pack (500 tablets, 500 mg) and $60 for a pack consisting of 250 tablets at 850mg.

For their ED medicines, they had Sildenafil Citrate (generic Viagra), Vardenafil-G (generic Levitra), and Tadalafil –G (generic Cialis). These medicines were also sold in packs.

A pack of generic Viagra was sold for $34.95 (4 tablets, 100mg). Customer who bought 120 tablets of 100 mg generic Viagra were able to get 10 bonus pills for only $449. For generic Levitra, a pack costs $35.95 (4 tablets, 20mg) and $499.95 for 120 pieces of generic Levitra. Customers who ordered as much as 120 pills were given 30 more pills for free. For customers who bought generic Cialis, they were able to purchase a pack with 4 pills at 20mg for only $49.95. For a 50-tablet pack, it costs $299.95 and it comes with 10 bonus pills. 50 bonus pills were given to customers who ordered 200 tablets of 20mg Tadalafil. Since this website was operational in 2005, I am assuming that the prices given were for those years when ED medicines were still expensive, even the generic ones.

 The information achieved for was limited to the products they offered. Further checking of the site revealed no data about their store policies (refund, return, and cancellation), shipping costs and information as and payment methods. No information about Metformin-hcl can be found on third-party sites as well. Even their contact information was no longer available hence it was not clear whether they have a chat or a phone support during their run. Reviews

10 or 15 years ago, customer reviews were not that popular. Customers were not compelled to write about their experiences as they prefer to keep everything in private. 10 or 15 years ago, a scam was not that common as well and fake online stores are never heard of. With the advent of internet marketing and the ease of using it, people are now taking advantage of it and using it to benefit from other people. For this reason, customer reviews became popular – a way for other customers to warn their fellow online users about fraudulent online stores.

Since was an old website, I assume that they didn’t really ask their customers to write feedbacks back then. Their customers were not obliged to leave reviews hence they didn’t write any too. This could be the reason why after thoroughly searching the internet for customer review for this website, I was able to find none!

If this internet drug store is operating on this day, I would really look for a customer review in order to trust it. Without any review to back up their claims of providing effective medicines, I wouldn’t buy from them. Reviews 2017

Without any customer review, I went ahead and checked the status of Metformin-hcl with scam analyzing web site – is a website that runs analysis on another website based on the information provided by the web site such as location, registry information, and their customer reviews.

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After running a quick analysis, revealed zero information about According to the website, Metformin-hcl had been inactive for a while and no information can be retrieved to analyze it. I was not able to find the start and close date of this store (aside from their domain’s copyright date which was 2005) hence I cannot say how long had they have been closed! Coupon Codes

During their run, had run some promotions to keep their customers and to attract new ones. For online buyers, promotions are always a great way to make them stay because every dollar saves counts!

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One promotion they had was ‘buy more get more’ promo allowing customers to save more if they will purchase more medicines. Customers who bought 200 tablets of any ED drug like Sildenafil (generic Viagra) were given 50 free pills. Well, that was like saving more than $200!

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that offered different medicines with more focus on Metformin – a drug to treat diabetes. This online store had offer men’s health medicines like ED drugs and generic Propecia, a drug for baldness. They also offered drugs that help people lose weight and stop smoking. Medicines for depression, pain, and cholesterol were also available.

Since this online pharmacy had been closed for a while, I was unable to get enough information about Metformin-hcl. What I appreciated with their existing website though was the fact that they provide important information about the medicines they were selling. For each drug, they offered information such as its uses, instruction to use it, side effects, precautions, interaction, missed dosage, and proper storage of the medicine. A warning was also provided to customers stating that they should consult their physicians first before taking any medicines sold by

Metformin-hcl had no customer review and was not able to check their reputation. Still, despite lacking such, this online pharmacy operated 10 years ago and hence I believe that they were among the pioneers of online pharmacy business. For this reason, I am giving this online drug store a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.