Review – Internet Drug Store with No Customer Reviews was an online pharmacy that offered convenience to their customers. By ordering from their store, customers will no longer have to go to their doctors and ask for prescriptions. This store will take your order, get it from their suppliers and send it to you. This internet shop is now inactive.

At Medstore Online, there were at least 25 categories of medicine offered. They got their medicines from the different pharmaceutical companies worldwide. This online pharmacy had an office in Belize. It was not clearly indicated if the medicines they offered were FDA approved but the store said that it came from respectable manufacturing companies worldwide. All medicines were shipped in its original packaging. As for the start and close date of this online pharmacy, the information was not disclosed on their website.

Among the 25+ categories of medical illnesses they had, the most popular medical categories were ADHD, anxiety, antidepressant, gout, fungal infections, weight loss, women and men’s health, ED drugs, migraine, and hypertension.

For their customers with ED problems, they were able to choose from Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Medicines sold by were in packs. For a pack of Viagra, it costs $129 (50mg, 30 tablets) and $179 for 60 tablets (50mg). A pack of 30 tablets (100mg) costs $139 and $279 for 60 tablets (100mg). A pack of Cialis costs $129 (30 tablets, 20mg) and $239 for a pack of 60 tablets (20mg). A branded Levitra pack was sold for $199 (30 tablets, 20mg) and $139 for generic Levitra (30 tablets, 20mg). I personally think that this kind of scheme is not feasible because I don’t buy in bulks as it means paying more at once. I prefer an internet shop that offers ED pill in pieces.

There were several payment methods accepted by medstore-online. They accepted credit card payments and through the Western Union. Customers who paid via the Western Union received 30% discount on their purchase. Customers who paid via bank wire transfer received 15% discount as well.

When it comes to shipping, the price is determined by the destination of the order. What customers must be aware of when ordering was the handling fee of $30 per item ordered. If a customer ordered two items or more, the second (and succeeding) handling fee was reduced to $20 and so on. Shipping was done every Monday to Friday and orders processed on a weekend will be completed the following Monday. This online pharmacy uses Registered Airmail for all orders.

For inquiries, customers of medstore online were able to contact them at 1-810-275-0708. This phone line was open from Monday to Friday, 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon only (CST). Customers who need to contact them at night can send their message through their ‘contact us’ page.

This internet shop had refund and money back guarantee and cancellation of orders were allowed if the order has not been shipped. Reviews

If you are looking for an online pharmacy that offers cheap medicines, finding one on the internet is very easy. The challenging part I guess is finding which one is reliable. Reliable means they provide real medicine and they won’t just take your money and take off. In finding a reliable internet shop, I always look for customer reviews.

Apparently, after searching for a few minutes, I was unable to find any customer review for medstore-online. This website is no longer active yet if they had customer reviews, those reviews must still show up especially those submitted to third-party websites. Without any customer review, I don’t think it is even worth my time checking what this online pharmacy can offer or had offered. Reviews 2017

Since they do not have any customer review to prove their reliability as an online pharmacy, I went ahead and checked the status of with a scam analyzing web site.

image1 9 is scam analyzing website that determines whether a site is safe to use or not. For its analysis of medstore-online, it showed that this online pharmacy was involved with a high-risk country hence it can be considered as a threat website. The analysis revealed that the site was from Russian Federation. Coupon Codes

Customer reviews were not the only thing that Medstore lacked, this internet drug store had no coupon codes or promotions as well. It seems like they just wait for people to see their website and order from them on a whim. Well, no wonder this site closed!

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that promised convenient medicine buying. Just like any other online stores, they provided an easy list of medicines they offered and different payment methods to make it easier for their customers to process their order.

This online pharmacy had more than 25 medical categories, meaning they had available medicines for the said illnesses. Under the ED category, they had Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis and these medicines were sold in packs which I think was not favorable to individual buyers who can only buy few medicines from time to time.

This internet drug store is now inactive. Unfortunately, I was unable to find customer reviews to verify the reliability of this store. With no customer review to use, it is hard to quantify how reliable this site could have been when it comes to the quality of drugs they offer and the quality of service they provide.  They do not have any coupon codes for their customers as well. Lastly, I found the result of to be threatening hence if this website was still active, I won’t be buying from them. For these reasons, I am giving medstore-online a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.