Lortab.info Review – Another Online Pharmacy Scratched Off our List of Functioning Web Stores

Lortab.info is an which sold various medications for a number of medical conditions. The store offered choices for its consumers and also claimed to offer reasonable prices for its products. This Lortab store had records on the web archives since 2003 although the data available for the web store was incomplete.

The store Lortab.info appears to be an old website with a plain template, unlike the modern online pharmacies which sport a lot of graphics and images for their sites. Lortab Info’s site was only a black website with high-contrast texts, which, frankly, hurt the eyes. The store did not have an “about” page or any informational tab for the buyers, save for the individual tabs for the medications. The shop mentioned that it was incepted in 2003 but did not say where it operated from or at least where it sourced its products.

Lortab.info had a wide product assortment and unlike the modern web pharmacies, this shop arranged its products in alpha order. However, the store featured some of its most popular products such as pain relief meds, muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, diet products, sexual enhancers, Diazepam, Ativan, Bontril, Xanax, and several others. It appears that the shop dispensed these products without prescriptions—the shop had no mention of requiring the buyers for prescriptions. But, the store relinquishes any liability for the outcome of its dispensing of meds. There was an age limit to the buyers, though—the store only catered to individuals aged 21 and above.

Since I was curious about impotence product prices in various stores on the web, I checked the prices for the famed impotence meds Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and Cialis (Tadalafil) on Lortab.info. Although the web archives had records for these medications’ prices, the store redirected me to another website, Tramadol.bz. According to the price information for the products, Cialis 20 mg from Eli Lilly cost $93 for a minimum of 5 pills, while the famous Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer cost at least $83 (for 5 tablets). The shop accepted payments from the clients using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and E-check payments.

Lortab Info did not have a dedicated FAQ section, so I was unable to determine the shipping rates charged by the store for its consumers. This shop did not also have any policies for products destroyed during transit or products which were lost by the courier for some reason.

What’s interesting about Lortab.info was that it presented a long list of its fellow online pharmacies. The store mentioned the sites Vicodin.bz, MyDiscountHealth.com, Carisoprodol.ws, Buy-soma.info, Lortab.ws, Lorazepam.ws, and a lot more. Seldom do shops recommend sites affiliated with them, so I found it interesting that this store did.

Regarding the contact details, unfortunately, Lortab.info did not provide any for its former consumers.

Lortab.info Reviews

As with any online store, I searched for relevant reviews for the website Lortab.info. However, there were no relevant results during my search—the reviews containing the keyword “Lortab” were actually meant for the drug named Lortab and not for the web pharmacy Lortab.info.

It is surprising that the store Lortab.info did not have any web mentions for its service despite its long run on the web. The store had a long selling history, as observed on the web archives, but it failed to acquire praises for its service from its past consumers, which, I think, was disconcerting.

Lortab.info Reviews 2017

Even if the store Lortab.info closed down before 2017, I still hoped that several platforms had records for this shop’s service in the past years. However, there were no records for Lortab Info even on the most prolific analysis websites such as Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and Scamner.

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There was no clear reason why this store, Lortab.info did not have records existing for its service even on Legit Script. The store was merely denoted as a “not active” website and none else. The store did not have any records on the Scam Adviser online site, despite Scam Adviser being one of the most prolific websites when it comes to domain analysis.

Lortab.info Coupon Codes

The store Lortab.info did not have coupon codes and discount offers available for its clients on its former website. Lortab only offered clients to consider being “affiliate” websites, although the shop did not elaborate on the offer.

Other web pharmacies are able to offer discounts for loyal clients (5 to 10% for returning clients), free shipping (conditional), free sample pills, rebates on second and further orders, and in some cases, coupon codes (mostly for special celebrations and holidays).


Lortab.info is an old web pharmacy which had a long history of serving its consumers. The shop had no reviews, though, despite its long service on the web. There is no clear reason why this online drugstore did not have any reviews available for its former clients even if it operated for a good number of years on the web  Since this online drugstore is now closed and without reviews, I am left to rate this store only 1 out of 5.