Kamagrauk.co.uk Review – A Scam Australian Pharmacy That Faked Its Location


Kamagrauk.co.uk was an online pharmacy that sold a variety of drugs on their website. They are no longer on the internet. They could have either been shut down or run out of business. They had a disclaimer that they did not supply any drugs to USA or Canada under any circumstances. Kamagrauk.co.uk claimed to be based in the UK. Even their domain name confirmed that. According to information on the website, this online pharmacy was established in 2002. They also said that they only served loyal clients in the UK and Europe.

Kamagrauk.co.uk showcased a variety of drugs in their catalog. However, they dealt in ED pills as their name suggested. There was no mention of FDA approval or approval by any other recognized enforcement body. Among the drugs they sold included:

  • Kamagra tablets 100mg sealed blister packets sold at $28 for 20 tablets
  • Kamagra oral jelly 5ml/100mg sachets sold at $35 per 14 sachets
  • Caverta tablets 20mg sold at $27 per 20 tablets
  • Apcalis Jelly Sachets 20 mg sold at $35 per 14 sachets
  • Levitra tablets 20mg at $40.80 per 20 tablets
  • Tadarise tablets 20mg at $22 per 10 tablets
  • Tadagra soft tablets 20mg at $22 per 10 tablets

Kamagrauk.co.uk accepted payments in form of Visa, Visa Electron, Switch, Solo, MasterCard and American Express. They did not accept payments other than those online credit card purchases due to added costs. They shipped to countries in Europe. Their shipping methods were 1st class mail within the UK mainland with international deliveries going at $7.69 and a special/recorded delivery at $7.69. They shipped their orders to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland using their first class mail service courtesy of the Royal Mail. International deliveries usually took around 10 to 14 days to ship depending on a few factors. The key offshore countries that they frequently dealt with were Spain, France, Sweden, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. All international consignments were tracked using a tracking number to monitor delivery.

They had a clearly stated refund policy on the website. It stated that if the customer reported to them within 7 days of placing their order that they were not satisfied with their order, they would return the drugs and receive a full refund.

Kamagrauk.co.uk Reviews

While purchasing drugs or any other good or service from an online store, it is always good to know what other customers experienced. A few customer reviews, that are genuine, can help you know whether an online business really provides the services or products at the required quality thresholds. It is advisable to check independent customer reviews.

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There were some customer reviews about Kamagrauk.co.uk that I came across. A customer by the name David said that he had received his order. He was thankful to Kamagrauk.co.uk and was going to order again. On the effectiveness of the drugs he bought, he said: “My wife was more than surprised with the results…” He promised to order again. Another customer by the name Mark said that he had received his order on time and that the pills were working great. He went on to say that “My wife thanks you…”

A client called Mike said that he had received his order. He had “received the order quickly as well” and was “very impressed with the time of delivery.” The common theme I noticed with all the reviews was the outright bias. They all had totally positive comments and absolutely nothing negative to say. I went to look for other reviews from other websites and I made a shocking discovery. The exact reviews were on other websites which seemed to be clone websites of Kamagrauk.co.uk. I concluded that these reviews were fake. I would not advise anyone to risk their money on Kamagrauk.co.uk.

Kamagrauk.co.uk Reviews 2017

Since the customer reviews were fake, I looked for more reviews from more recently in 2017. I found no other customer reviews and decided to check out what scam-detecting websites would make of Kamagrauk.co.uk. I decided to use scamadviser.com to check the authenticity of Kamagrauk.co.uk. I made my conclusions based on the findings I made.

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Scamadviser.com unveiled that Kamagrauk.co.uk was based in Australia. For all the information that Kamagrauk.co.uk had provided that made it seem like it was based in the UK, it was all based on a lie. Even the domain name was deceiving. Kamagrauk.co.uk also had negative feedback when it was analyzed at Scamadviser too.

Kamagrauk.co.uk Coupon Codes

To attract customers and reward loyal clients, online pharmacies offer coupon codes and discounts for goods purchased. These are aimed at saving the customer some money and driving business. I’ll take the liberty to keep you in the know of the discounts offers that Kamagrauk.co.uk made.

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Kamagrauk.co.uk offered free shipping. I did not find information on the conditions your order had to fulfill to fall into this category. However, I can verify that they also offered 20 Viagra pills for free. I did not find information on the conditions one had to satisfy to get these pills.


Kamagrauk.co.uk is no longer available online. I also realized that when it was still online, it faked its location and lied to its customers. In addition to that, it had negative feedback. The customer reviews were fake and purely meant to make unsuspecting customers to purchase drugs from them. I found the refund policy inadequate. If you considered a scenario where a person orders and does not receive the drugs within 7 days, they would not be covered by this policy. This put customers who were far from the dispatch centers at a disadvantage. I would not purchase my pills from Kamagrauk.co.uk. I give it a rating of 1 out of 5.