Justpills.com Review – Online Store that Operated for More than 6 Years with One Negative Customer Review!

Justpills.com was an online pharmacy that started operating in 2006. This internet store didn’t just provide quality and low priced medicine, they also employed physicians to ensure that their customers were doing the best decisions when it comes to their medication. They provided online consultation to customers who prefer anonymity when it comes to treating their medical illness. Customers who were not interested in online consultation can still order their RX medicines without presenting a prescription.

This internet shop shipped in the US alone hence I assume they were based in the US.

Justpills was very easy to use. They had more than 18 medical categories and offered at least 50 drugs. They offered medicine for acid reflux and allergies, medicines to treat depression, antibiotics, anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, men’s health issues, motion sickness, muscle relaxant, pain relief, skin care, anti-smoking, weight loss medicine, and women’s health drugs. For ED drugs, they offered Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra.

According to their home page, the medicines they offered were FDA approved. For each medicine they offer, they provided basic information about the drug such as the use of the medicine, the direction for using it, the side effects that the customer must expect, precautions that the customer must do while taking the medicine, interactions, things to do if the customer missed his or her dosage and the best way to store their medicine. Since this website had been inactive for a while now, the prices of the medicines they offered were no longer available.

Ordering from Justpill was pretty easy and fast. All approved orders that were processed before 2 in the afternoon were shipped on the same day and can be expected the following day. This online pharmacy delivered their products in the US with the exceptions of Nevada and Florida. All orders were delivered by FedEx. Shipping rate was no longer available though. Their home page said though that FedEx next day delivery was used with no additional fee – meaning it is free! The mode of payment accepted was credit card and customers were promised that their information was safe as the website was using the latest Security encryption technology by VeriSign.

When orders were delivered, adult signatures were required for FedEx to leave the package. For cancellation, customers who placed an order and had a change of heart can cancel their orders if it wasn’t shipped yet. Cancellation of an order was not possible once the order leaves the pharmacy’s warehouse. Returning of ordered medicine was also not possible as this online pharmacy follows FDA regulations about handling ordered drugs.

Justpills.com was reachable through live chat. They also had a phone number for customers who wanted to talk to their support team. Their phone support number was 877-479-2455. Customers who had no means of calling them can also contact them through the website’s ‘contact us’ page.

Justpills.com Reviews

A business that had been operating since 2006, I am expecting a lot of customer reviews for Justpills.com. With a next day delivery for free, who wouldn’t be happy to receive their medicines without paying extra?

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After searching the internet for customer reviews or feedback, I finally found one review for Justpills. Surprisingly, the lone review they had was not a great one. According to Sarah Anderson, everyone should stay away from this online pharmacy. Her customer reviews were written in 2011. She said that the one-star rating she gave to this site was too high because this internet shop deserved zero rating! Sarah was so flustered with her experience saying that this website was a real scam! She ended her feedback with a warning to all online buyers to not commit the same mistake as she did!

This review that Sarah had written was posted on pharmaciesreview.com. Pharmaciesreview.com was a third-party review website for online pharmacies. It means that Sarah was indeed a real customer who ordered from this store and had a very bad experience.

Justpills.com Reviews 2017

With Sarah’s bad experience, I decided to further check the status of Justpills.com. Perhaps, some scam analyzing websites can shed some lights on the real status of Justpills.

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A quick analysis from scamadviser.com revealed that this had ‘high-trust’ rating during its run. According to scamadviser.com, this online drug store looked safe and reliable to use. Hmmm, what a contradicting result!

Justpills.com Coupon Codes

The prices of medicines offered by justpills.com were no longer available hence I am not sure if they really sold low-priced medicines. Regardless of their prices, perhaps they offered a few promotions and gave out coupon codes to entice more customers! I was wrong!

Justpills.com didn’t have any promotions according to the information I gathered from the web archive and from third-party websites. It looks like this website was confident that they can make sales without introducing any promotion.


Justpills.com was a US-based online pharmacy that caters to customers located in the US. They offered next-day delivery via FedEx and they promised to deliver anywhere in the US except for two states – Nevada and Florida. 

This online pharmacy started operating in 2005. The only customer review I found on this website was written in 2011 hence I assume they operated for more than 6 years (and maybe more). The close date of this site was no longer available. Despite operating for such a long period of time, it was disappointing to only find one customer review for this site. The worst part was that the review was a negative one. According to Sarah, their customer who wrote the review, her experience was totally unsatisfactorily because she was scammed. If Sarah can give a rating of zero, she probably did!

With not much information for this online pharmacy and based on the data I gathered from the web archived and the third-party review site, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out of 5 stars (just like Sarah!).