Hq-pharm.com Review – Rogue Pharmacy Practicing Deceitful Transactions

Hq-pharm.com used to be a drugstore with an array of prescription and over the counter medications for six years before its closure. The store flaunted on offering distinguished services and quality generic drugs that had been approved by the Indian FDA owing to their bonafide manufacturing companies in India. Some of its best sellers were the common impotencies such as Levitra, Clomid, and Priligy with the men’s power charge going for relatively low prices, for instance, a pill of Cialis was $ 1.30 while a tab of Viagra went for $ 0.80. Customers were encouraged to exercise patriotism by following the rules of their countries be it that they are required to possess a prescription for their orders even so a valid prescription was demanded every purchase.  

Consumers were invited to contact its customer support team through the live support system in addition to the toll-free number and the email-contact form. The same flexibility was also reflected by its means of payment as it had verified credit cards, were bank transfers, money gram, western union and the Euro debit. As an extension of its excellent services, it adopted the state-of -the-art encryption system to keep off unauthorized users from obtaining the financial and personal information transmitted to it by its customers through the credit cards. Shipping was one by the use of the Express mail service within (5-9) days at the cost of $ 30.00 while the international airmail was estimated to take (10-21) days at the price of $ 10.00. The former had a tracking device that enabled the clients to monitor the navigation process while the latter did not have that luxury. These services were offered to all corners of the universe apart from some Asian countries where its services were not provided. The site was considerate to its clients particularly those whose packages were damaged or incomplete as they were compensated with a free reshipment or a cash return. Those who experienced dissatisfaction with the products bought from the pharmacy along with those whose consignments were never delivered had a reason to smile as its refund policy had them covered. I was curious to know the satiety comments or lack of it from its buyers which were present on its website.

Hq-pharm.com Reviews

Mark reviewed the store by complementing it for its `excellent’ services which were so impressive. He also affirmed to have received his shipment which was accompanied by a gift and promised to recommend the store to his associates and friends. He also acknowledged to have borrowed a leaf from its support team and vowed to implement the same in his work place where he held a desk in a similar department.

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Stewart referred to himself as a satisfied customer having consumed the affordable and `life changing’ products. He narrated the transformative experience by mentioning the joy it had brought in his relationship through enriching his sexual health without exhausting his wallet as it had been the case in the past.

Glenn stated that the pills he had acquired from the store were `great’ compared to the ones he had interacted with before, he was also optimistic about trying a larger proportion of the same. In his comment, he inquired about the availability of flavored Viagra melt tabs stating that he was willing to negotiate on their pricing and get them instead of the ones he had consumed.

The site might have been in its user’s best books of the positive reviews were to go by however these reports lacked authenticity as they had been duplicated from other reviewing sites. The act of replicating testimonials is not only disappointing to consumers my kind but also name tarnishing to the vendor, and so I call upon my fellow users to boycott transacting to such shops.

Hq-pharm.com Reviews 2017

To affirm that the seller was fraudulent, I consulted the scam checkers for additional pieces of evidence; Furthermore, they analyze the store in details, unlike my superficial research. The scamadviser.com reported that Hq-pharm.com was unsafe to its consumers as it was a malware to some of its users.

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The store in question was also declared to have been enlisted as a rogue pharmacy in addition to its incompetence of using free administrative contacts. The United States-based virtual store was said to have had few visitations and a domain that was a few months more than its fifth birthday. Didn’t I tell you that the reports are quite extensive? What was more enlightening was the quantitative representation of its untrustworthiness which was (0 out of 100) %. Before I adjourned my search, I used the Scamner.com for more insights.

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Hq-pharm.com was not recommended by the scam analyzer for browsing and purchasing despite that google had no found any fault associated to the site. It was once again echoed to have had a few visitors and accorded (3 out of 100) % safe rates.

Hq-pharm.com Coupon Codes

Hq-pharm.com had no coupon codes although it had plenty of discounts which made their consumers to save loads of money from their medical expenditure. A unique avenue to exacerbate the saves was the filling of a survey which automatically granted the user a 5% cut off in the following order.

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Loyal clients who made the second and the third trip to the shop were rewarded with 5% and 7% discounts in addition to the free pills that were issued for orders that amounted to 20 tablets of impotencies. Free shipping was among the strategies in place to convince clients to shop for supplies that were not less than $ 150.00 to benefit from the international airmail service.


Hq-pharm.com has duplicated reviews; also, it had acquired pitiful trust rates from the scam analyzers. The scamner.com granted it (3 out of 100) % while the scamadviser.com rated it a zero after stating that it was a malware to some of its users and a rogue pharmacy. My ratings to e-stores without a credible record always has and will forever be 1-star out of 5.