Home Remedies For Blemishes

The resulting effects of a horrible skin rash or disease in the past like chicken pox or mumps can leave you with those unwanted blemishes that could bring you down. Now don’t let that happen to you, if you are unable to afford professional treatment there are home remedies to get rid of those blemishes.

Remember that acne and pimples can also be as a result of over indulgence of junk food and sodas, so be careful and be choosy with what you eat and drink, after all it reflects on your face. Let’s discuss some home remedies for blemishes that will help you tackle those ugly facial scars rather than losing sleep over them.

It is a known fact that water and plenty of juices are a boon to the human body since it nourishes and protects as well as hydrates the body. Strawberries for instance are rich with anti oxidants and if rubbed all over the skin will unclog the pores. The benefits of juices when it penetrates the skin will show when it eradicates the blemishes from the skin at one go. So the next time you go to get a facial, use some fruits especially strawberries.

You could also use a grated potato and mix it in some honey and apply it over the affected areas and then wash it off.  This should be kept on for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. It is a proven method of reducing blemishes. Finally, a little more labor on your part will help you a long way. What this means is when you do go out into the sun for anything, be it work or a stroll or maybe a day at the beach, make sure you use a sun block or a sun tan lotion with a good amount of SPF. If you learn to follow this routine on a daily basis it would help you in the long run and heads would turn at the fresh faced beauty that you are.