Review – Closed Pharmacy with Insanely High Prices

Health-Effects is a suspended company that used to deal in a lot of drugs belonging to different categories. The main categories of these drugs included weight loss, cholesterol, general health, sexual health, anti-viral medicines, stomach, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure, hair loss, quit smoking, women’s health, and men’s health. I spotted some of the best sellers of this web store to be drugs for ED. In the About Us section, the company had been referred to as the South Sea Pharmaceuticals that used to provide high-class medicines to customers residing in different parts of the world. The price of a single tablet of Kamagra 100 mg was 6.37 US Dollars on this store which I must admit was insanely high.

No prescriptions were required for placing an order on this pharmacy and the company claimed to ship the products within 24 hours of placing the order for it. Health-Effects apparently used EMS and DHL to ship the medicines to different countries but I was unable to find more details about it. No information about the payment could be retrieved as well. The store had also mentioned that it did not use to store any personal information or credit card data into its system to maintain privacy. The company could be contacted by sending a message to their official email or by calling at +(507) 2609742. Reviews

I was unable to find any particular reason why had stopped working in the first place. However, the reason became clear to me as soon as I moved towards the review section in hope of finding some customer reviews regarding this pharmaceutical store. It turned out that the store did not use to get many customer reviews while it was still working. In fact, I was unable to find a single customer response given to Health Effects during its entire work duration. This type of situation can be judged easily and the rule is simple. A pharmacy that fails to provide customer reviews to its customers is not a legitimate platform for buying drugs. Hence, these kinds of stores must be avoided immediately for the customers’ own safety. Reviews 2017

The next step was to proceed to other sources in order to find out more about Health Effects. So, my first stop was Scamner, a scam analyzing software.

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I spotted a zero percent trust rating given to this drug store by Scamner. The website had also been mentioned for not receiving enough traffic from the customers’ side. Scamner had not deemed it fit for using and buying drugs and had mentioned its final decision in red that all the clients must abstain from buying drugs from Health-Effects. This pharmacy store was not even mentioned safe for browsing only.

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Scamadviser too had nothing good to say about this platform. The website had mentioned that Health Effects used to have two different locations from where it used to work. One of them was Netherlands and the other one was the United States. It had also been mentioned that a high amount of risk was associated with this website which had forced Scamadviser to categorize it among the high-risk pharmacy stores. The trust score of HealthEffects was not good at all. Different viruses had also been associated with the functioning of this store. Coupon Codes

Almost all online stores that lack in customer reviews usually do not have discount offers as well. I was pretty sure that was one of those websites and my doubts were proven to be right as soon as I started searching for the discount offers. I wasted a lot of time in hope of finding a single discount offer but was left with nothing. The absence of discounts and reviews both depict how irresponsible Health Effects e-store would have been while it existed online. It does not seem like the store used to care for its customer pool or customer satisfaction and was only interested in making money, legally or illegally.


Heading towards the conclusion, I can say that was another disappointment for me as it did not seem to fulfill even the basic criteria for being called as a reputable and well-managed drug store. I was unable to locate any customer responses, both on the official as well as non-official, independent reviewing websites. Same was the case with the discount offers which were nowhere to be found. Scamadviser and Scamner did not give encouraging remarks about the performance of the web store stating that it used to be associated with high level of risk. So, due to all these reasons, I am forced to give 1 out of 5 rating to Health Effects. I would end the review with an advice to the customers to stay miles away from these kinds of stores.