Review – You can Add this Site to your Long List of Closed Web Pharmacies! sold quite a number of brand and generic products for erectile dysfunction (ED) during the time it was still operational. However, the store is now unavailable—instead of being directed to the store proper, I was redirected to a website named, which stated that the Global Pills Market’s status is now “unavailable”. The platform I was redirected to recommended other websites possibly belonging to the same network, such as,, and

According to web records for the store, was incepted in 2015 and was one of the web pharmacies which did not require buyers to provide their prescriptions for their drug orders. The shop only had limited information on the archives, though—the store only had (broken) snapshots for its website in 2016. There was nothing on the former website records stating the store’s true location or its creation date. only stated that it was a company which cared about its consumers’ health and only sold FDA and WHO-approved medications which cost up to 90% lower than the local pharmacy prices. only had impotence products arranged arbitrarily in one long list. I sighted generic (no-brand) Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, and other “branded” generic products as well, such as Kamagra, Zenegra, Avana, Cialis Black, Tadalis SX, Tadacip, Silagra, Forzest, Caverta, Malegra FXT and DXT, and a lot of others. For the buyers’ convenience, the store also had an alpha list for these items. Although these items were prescription-only products, sold them without the need for the buyers to provide prescriptions, but the shop recommended that buyers consult their doctors prior to their intake of these medications.

Because I aim to check the web pharmacy prices for several impotence treatments, I checked Global-pills-market’s prices for its erectile dysfunction products. I discovered that the store sold its generic Viagra 100 mg for at least $24 (10 pills) and sold its generic Cialis 20 mg for at least $52.21. These were considerable prices for the medications, although not the lowest on the web. Aside from the price list, also gave comprehensive information for each product it sold, although the store advised that these data were for informational purposes alone, and were not meant to treat or diagnose any disease.

The store accepted VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, E-checks, and Bitcoin payments from its consumers and used Airmail International and Express Mail Service couriers to distribute the products. I was unable to check the postage fees charged by the store, though, because of the broken data on the web pharmacy.

In the case of order losses, consumers were able to file for refunds or product replacements. The store offered a live chat option and its phone numbers; but since the store is now unreachable, these contact details are now useless. Reviews

Global Pills Market did not have external website reviews from its former clients, possibly because its service was too short. This store, though, had some on-site customer reviews posted on its former website:

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All the reviews on were positive. According to one Brian W (from Belfast), he was happy about the confidential service offered by, as well as its “nice price” and “fast delivery”.

However, though these reviews were excellent, these were also found at other similar websites, indicating that these testimonials weren’t originally intended for this web pharmacy and were only copied. Fraudulent stores such as kept their clients entertained using fake reviews, so buyers should beware of the on-site comments they see on web pharmacies. Reviews 2017

Because no external references to exist on the internet, I had to resort to the use of several domain assessing platforms such as Scamner and Scam Adviser to gain more insight on the domain history of the shop

image4 1

According to the check conducted by Scamner, the domain was only registered recently and did not have available trust records. The shop was also identified to have a missing SSL certificate, which was considered dangerous for consumers transacting with All in all, the score given to was only 1 out of 5.

image2 1

Scam Adviser, like Scamner, also noted that the domain was a new website without feedback. The age identified for was only 200 days and the store was located in the United States. Coupon Codes

During my visit to the available web records for Global Pills Market, I was unable to view coupon codes and discount codes intended for the web pharmacy. The store appeared to have no deals for its consumers other than the decreasing pill prices for the medications for bulk orders.

However, I spotted no free shipping offer and free sample pills offer on this site, like those commonly offered by standard web pharmacies.


You won’t be able to find in circulation as it is already closed. The store, like a long list of online stores, has gone out of business without leaving clues on what became of it and its operators. did not leave a trail of reviews we could have referred to—external review sites, pharmacy blogs, and forum websites were silent about Global-pills-market’s service and sudden disappearance. Due to the closed status of this web pharmacy, I can only confer a low score of 1 out of 5 for this shop.