Review – Prematurely Seized Store with High Trust Ratings used to be an online pharmacy in the supply of prescription medications. Its assortment consisted was made up of several ailments such as allergies, depression diabetes, impotence and many others. Its customers were fond of purchasing Erectile Dysfunction pills making them be enlisted as the best sellers. The generics were sold at affordable prices making thirty tablets of 100mg Viagra to go for $ 119 while thirty pills of Cialis were sold at $ 139 It obtained these drugs from world-class manufacturers approved by the FDA. It w not possible to tell whether a prescription was a requirement to possess the drugs. However, their orders and health history were assessed by licensed physicians from the store who either approved or declined their orders. It is needless to say that communication is paramount in business. However, the site perceived it higher than its competitors thus adopting a live support system in addition to the phone numbers and the email contact form that had been indicated on its website. Clients satisfaction was its primary goal as it specified to the availability of its customer care team from Thursday to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm to get rid of frustrations during inquiries. A secure shopping was enabled by the adaptation of the latest encryption service to prevent credit card scams which were the accepted means of payment; that is the Visa and the master card. Transportation of goods from the dispatching point to the direct consumers was done using the Registered international airmail within (12-20) days. Data on the shipping expenses were not available from its web remains despite my efforts to get that information. Buyers whose consignments were not delivered within the specified time were entitled to a reshipment or a cash refund which had not been discussed in details. Those whose shipments were damaged or incomplete might or might not have benefitted from the return policy since it had not been clarified. Reviews

Most of the successful internet vendors tend to have greatly written reviews and top ratings. The testimonials are not only significant to them but also to potential clients who might be interested in transacting with them. It is wise to be keen while reviewing such comments because some sellers tend to be deceitful and Engauge in the replication of review from other sites to lure its buyer and increase their sales. A personal experience was a few years ago when I purchased an alternative of the little blue pills the moment I turned fifty-five-years. The prices offered were relatively cheap making it easier for me to place an order which was to last me for a month. The goods were delivered quite late contrary to the claim made on the site, worse still the products were counterfeits with damaged tablets. It was quite disappointing especially when the e-shop’s support team changed from friendly to rude to ignorant as I followed up the return procedure. To absorb the shock and deal with the fate I decided to investigate more regarding the site where I realized that its reviews were false and the scam analyzers had disgracefully classified the shop. I seek to find out What the scam consultants would say concerning concerning its zero reviews. Reviews 2017

According to the, the site is said to be safe thus persuading clients to consider it while shopping although its popularity is unknown due to it’s a hundred and sixty- four days in the industry. The scam consultant found it worthy to award (82 out of 100) % trust ratings a mark that described it in one word, credible!


It was a bit shocked to realize that the e-store was highly rated despite its limited experience in the industry. The only probable reason might have been the fact that it lacked some negative feedbacks from its users.

image3 was declared to be a new site without a trust record, and so it was granted a safety rates of (0 out of 100) % by the It had also been said to have had a few visitors judging from its rare visitations the scam checker concluded by cautioning buyers from browsing or purchasing from the site. Coupon Codes offered its consumers a saving opportunity through the discount coupon system which allowed the bulk buyers to enjoy a percentage discount of five for orders below $ 200 and that of ten percent to all the purchases above $ 200. Some of the traders invent more than one saving strategy thus combining insurance of free pills to free shipping services. Others award its clients for recommending it to their friends who later order from the shop through the affiliate discounts.


Appreciating loyal clients while attracting new ones is the vehicle behind increased sales, improved profits and achieving a happy lot of customers. He business relationship tends to be long lasting and mutual where the affordable prices are complimented with additional cut-offs.

Conclusion had third party doctors who examined their clients’ orders to ensure that they were in line with their medical history and the standards of the FDA. It was also in lack of reviews making it impossible to gauge its credibility from the buyers’ perspectives tainting its reliability. The had granted it a high rating of (82 out of 100) % despite its unknown popularity as a result of its new status in the market. The findings were a bit crazy considering that the store had been operational for a limited time frame since its domain was only a hundred and sixty- four days. It will only be fair to trust my instincts which are not contented with the scam analyzers report thus according to the e-shop 1-star out of 5.