Cheap Pills Review – Long-running Web Drugstore Network You Can Trust

Cheap Pills, by far, is one of the oldest online drugstore networks on the web. Although it may seem like a singular web drugstore, if you dig deeper, you’ll find out that this Cheap Pills is more than just an independent online pharmacy. As a drugstore network, Cheap Pills is actually a group interconnected websites operating under one big company. However, as opposed to having various unique-looking stores, all the online drugstores linked to this network are nearly a hundred percent identical.

A Cheap Pills Web Store

Network drugstores function similarly to regular online pharmacies. Like normal online drugstores, you can order medicines through these network sites without hassle. However, network drugstores are known for being composed of several online pharmacies bearing the same store name and content but differing when it comes to their web addresses. Cheap Pills is one of these online drugstore networks—all of the shops in the Cheap Pills network have the same name and basically the same content, but they only have different domain names.

Are these networks legit? Yes, they absolutely are. These are normally functioning websites that are able to cater even to international buyers. The only downside to these network pharmacies is that they are prone to getting replicated by nefarious website operators. This necessitates the buyers to double check the stores they are purchasing meds from so they will end up buying from legitimate shops and not from trap websites.

Cheap Pills Reviews

For proof of their reliability, websites often build their reputations online and through gathering reviews from their former buyers. To check if Cheap Pills is every ounce legit, we also searched the web for reviews from its former consumers. Luckily, the web churned out buyer testimonials from Cheap Pills clients and overall, the network appeared to have performed satisfactorily through the years.

Common themes to reviews for Cheap Pills include the following:

  • Cheap prices: Customers were all happy with the cheap product pricing on Cheap Pills stores and most of them exclaimed about these prices being immensely cheaper than the local drugstore rates.
  • Fast shipping: Even if Cheap Pills catered to international consumers, the buyers appeared to receive their orders in record time and mostly even earlier than anticipated.
  • Good deals: Besides the cut-rate drug costs on Cheap Pills, the buyers also appreciated the network’s active effort to help the buyers maximize their savings. Buyers have mentioned getting freebies and free shipping from the store and also mentioned seasonal coupon discounts for their orders.
  • Reliable support team: Another thing buyers tend to rave about Cheap Pills was its “supportive” support team. Apparently, Cheap Pills customer support did a great job assisting clients with their purchases. Most of the buyers described the team as “courteous”, “polite”, and “helpful”.

Cheap Pills Online

Cheap Pills online pharmacies have started their service in 1997, giving them years of solid experience when it comes to distributing high-quality products to ailing consumers all over the world. According to the network, all of its medicines are approved at least by the Indian FDA and are therefore safe and effective for the medical conditions they are intended for.

As for the type of medicines found on Cheap Pills, customers may purchase medicines for various illnesses ranging from simple body pains to conditions as complex as ADHD or cardiovascular disorders. Cheap Pills does not require the buyers to provide their prescriptions but apparently, the network had no perceived need for the Rx requirement considering its stores have no illegal products in stock. However, clients are still advised by Cheap Pills to consult their doctors before taking medicines from the shop (especially the ones they do not have the prescriptions for yet) to protect their health.

Cheap Pills shops have a pretty straightforward order process—consumers are able to purchase their medicines even without having to register an account on any Cheap Pills store. All the fees are transparently communicated to the buyers upon checkout so there are no surprise surcharges to their existing bill. Shipping costs only $10 for the regular option (takes 3 weeks), but buyers with time-sensitive orders may opt for the faster option ($20).

Cheap Pills Coupon Codes

During our last visit to Cheap Pills stores, we were unable to spot coupon codes for the buyers. However, the stores are still offering key deals like the following:

  • Free Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra pills
  • Waived shipping fees for orders exceeding $200
  • 10% off on all orders exceeding $200
  • Seasonal coupons for special occasions like Valentine’s day or Christmas

Cheap Pills Phone Numbers

Cheap Pills is also very transparent when it comes to its contact information. The network sites all have these numbers posted for when the buyers need to reach out to them for inquiries or order updates:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Cheap Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Because online pharmacies are assumed to have links with scam or spam activities, we checked online records to discover if Cheap Pills have complaints about its performance. So far, there were no bad reports for any Cheap Pills store, hence the strong reason for us to believe that Cheap Pills is reliable and trustworthy.


Network online drugstores are collections of similar-looking websites with different domain addresses. These stores work for one large company and direct their sales to one main processing unit. Cheap Pills is a network and so far, information for this network was constructive, hence leading us to the conclusion that the network is something we’d recommend to clients should they need to purchase meds online. Overall score: 5 out of 5.