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MINNEAPOLIS NEIGHBORS FOR CLEAN AIR has attracted citizens of all ages & from all walks of life; we are linked by our concern to improve air quality and overall public health in the City of Minneapolis.

Our volunteer work began in late fall 2007, when we learned that a wood-burning power plant had been proposed near Hiawatha Avenue and East Lake Street.  The plant had been described as clean and green, but we had suspicions that it was not.

As volunteers, we then went to work and researched the exact nature of the MPCA air emissions permit for the project and how it might affect our neighborhoods.  We eventually learned that the plant could emit up to one million pounds of hazardous air emissions every year! We then worked quickly to build a broad-based coalition of residents, neighborhood groups and community leaders to inform the public and city officials about the damaging pollution associated with this proposed plant and to coordinate citizen opposition to the project.

After nearly 10 months of very hard work –in June 2008 –the agreements with the city had expired (again) and this time, neither the Mayor nor the City Council took action to extend them.  We are also gratified to note that in January 2009, our coalition was awarded the Ward 9 “Neighborhood Project of the Year”* for its work in helping to stop the wood-burning power plant.

*To read text of the award, click here.